Experience X-Series - EP releases on vinyl+digital
Experience X-001 Messias vs Human End - First Catharsis
Experience X-002 Human End - Celestial Deconstruction
Experience X-003 Messias - Konstruktion + Destruktion
Experience X-004 Vojeet - Resonance-Concept.Deformation
Experience X-005 Fragment: - Die.Waffe.Mensch
Experience X-006 Human End - Blood Moon
Experience X-007 Skat Injector / Yudlugar - Ebola Rigby
Experience X-008 Messias - Omnivoid
Experience X-009 Sangre - I.XVIII.MMIX
Experience X-010 Satanoid - Ikikato
Experience X-011 Messias - Nihil Negativum
Experience X-012 BWK - Warp Field Exploration
Experience X-013 C Mantle - All Colours are beautiful
Experience X-014 Gridbug - Radiant Spires (Veneration Cycle)
Experience X-015 Nihil Fist - Hate is back
Experience X-016 Nihil Fist - Inferno to Zero
Experience X-017 Messias - Dystopia Transcendence
Experience X-018 Hyena - Arithmomania
Experience X-019 Death Cascade - Preternal Surcease
Experience X-020 Sadistic - Lasers, Oscillations and Transient Flashes
Experience X-021 Nihil Fist - Sado Arab
Experience X-022 Messias - psycho|soMA|NTRA
Experience E-Series - Album releases on cd+digital
Experience E-001 Messias - Subsurface
Experience E-002 Acid Enema - A Faint Light At The End Of The World
Experience N-Series - Free digital + tape/cdr releases
Experience N-001 Fragment: - Der.Kreislauf.Des.Menschlichen.Seins
Experience N-002 Messias - Reconfiguration I
Experience N-003 Messias - Reconfiguration II
Experience N-004 Letal Ataraxia - Nil Obliteration
Experience S-Series - Shirts and other merchandise
Experience S-001 Cathartic Noize Experience - Celestial T-Shirt
Experience S-002 Cathartic Noize Experience - SNFG T-Shirt
Experience S-003 Cathartic Noize Experience - Experience T-Shirt
Experience S-004 Cathartic Noize Experience - SBFN T-Shirt