It's time to overclock your headz

Happily we present a small glimpse into the unbound creativity of Letal Ataraxia, caught on tape at one of the last parties happening at legendary WURM in Basel (RIP), a collaborative event by Dank Gate and CNE. Sounds from a broken equilibrium without salvation but rejection of all conventions and compromises - submit to the overwhelming chaos --> N-004

Noise from one thousand and one nights

Nihil Fists third entity on this label turns its focus eastwards, thematizing western imperialism in the middle east and the constant political struggle in this region that, as so often, result in hatred, war and endless pain. The harsh noises and relentless beats cut into the arabian melodies like a rusty knive into living flesh, representing the mayhem prevailing there, the pain caused and the lives taken - prepare yourself --> X-021

Principles of discrete core mechanics

Mister Sadistic strikes again! After a terrific album on the infamous French UPR label and two equally amazing outputs on his own platform Out From Out There Records, Greig Smith is back with probably his most abstract release up to now. Powerful and complex rhythms over a atmospheric synth layers at its best - Enter a new dimension of hardcore --> X-020

Neither ever, nor never

What can be expected if the infamous frequency bender Death Qualia teams up with sonic mayhemist Zeromancer to tweak sounds at Berlin's Flashblock headquarters for almost two years? Well, you better expect everything... and nothing... and all in between! A sonic journey between life and death, existence and void - Let the real erupt! --> X-019

Haute couture for low-fi culture

When life provides you with ever increasing lead times for vinyl production, don't grime... make t-shirts! Over the years, we got several (at least three...) requests to re-print the SNFG shirt series, but we found that's rather mehh... So, why not make the same, BUT different? And here they are: The SBFN shirts - so, get yourself one and do the Speed-Break-Flash-Noise dance! --> S-004

Disrupt the pattern in the brain

Experimental music created with analogue gear and no fear to cross borders, that's only two things Giona Vinti aka Heyna is known for. Although stepping away from this labels typical harsh and fast beats, more towards the shores of breakcore and idm, it's the dense and oppressive atmosphere that this release clearly has in common with all the previous records here - use with with care! --> X-018

Dystopia is no distant future concept, dystopia is now!

If we'd ask around about the most sinister time in this decade, most would probably agree that 2020 is pretty much on top. So, it's probably just apposite that towards the end of that year Messias returns with a suitably dystopian themed new vinyl ep, containing four dark and experimental speedcore tracks. The message could not be more clear: with no god to blame and realizing that the omnipresent conspiracy theories don't provide too easy explanations, we have to face the frighening truth. The world is utterly chaotic and no one is in control - Now transcend! --> X-017

Zero Music, only Noise

The musical path of Nihil Fist continues with those four brand new tracks. They represent the first new material since 15 years, and he continues exactly where he stopped over a a decade ago. Harsh noises, relentless guitars and splintering beats. No rest for the wicked --> X-016

Hate(core) is back

It has long been quiet around Berlin's most infamous, but eventually Nihil Fist returns on vinyl with four (new) tracks dating from his final period around 2004/2005 and accompanied by two bonus tracks taken from the iconic self-released CDr 'No Remorse' and 'This is Turbospeed Powerviolence'. Pack the basement with fog and start the strobe --> X-015

The constant search for experiences

The new summer collection is here. Using the third triplet of the sticker Cathartic-Noize-Experience triptych for the print, a new series of label garment has been created - all centered around one of the main impulses in everybody's life - Experience! Get yourself dressed --> S-003

The 2nd reconfiguration

Almost five years after the first reconfiguration mix, a sequel emerges. It covers material from the latest releases that have been melted into each other resulting in a remix-like liveset that agglomerates known parts with fresh elements and surprising combinations. The mix is awailable as free download and as a limited black cassette for the afficionados. Let's get on a journey --> N-003

The sweet suffering...

For his new new record, Belgians mighty Gridbug submerges deeply into the topic of spiritualism and suffering. The EP is entered around female saints like Thérèse of Lisieux and Saint Ursula of Cologne and provides a strong piece of art - not only musically but also thematically. Join us in our suffering --> X-014

Oppose violence now!

C Mantle, well known already to be a pretty versatile artist, sets sail towards the faster subtypes of electronic music and delivers a unique approach on speedcore. Thematizing police and system related violence, the harsh beats fit perfectly to this sadly still very prevailing topic. From UK with love --> X-013

Ready for blackened Speedcore War?

Three years after the last album "Misantropic Visions" Acid Enema presents some amazing fresh material. With extremely versatile compositions, but nontheless bleak and heavy sound, they provide an unique musical approach. Similar to the first release of the CNE E-series, this album also comes on a black polycarbonate CD and is packed in a fully printed 8-pages digipack. Don't miss it --> E-002

Triple Vinyl release ready for Trash'n'Core 24, Berlin

Right in time for todays Trash'n'Core party in Berlin, three new vinyl releases see the light. For Experience X-010 we have new material from the Finnish modular synth artist Satanoid. Those who are familiar with his release on the Belgian Entity Net-label know what they will get - an experimental flashcore-noise hybrid, ear-shattering in every fashion. On Experience X-011 you a flash-/break-/speedcore release by Messias, consisting of two parts with different approach on the same sound material. The A-side is hypnotic and rhytmic and the B-side rather broken and chaotic - two views on the same topic. Finally on Experience X-012, after nine years finally a new EP by the French noyzkorh legend BWK with some relentless noisy speedcore, just as in the good old times. Best catch all three releases right away from the party in Berlin -->X-010 / X-011 / X-012

A glimpse below the surface of perception

After a couple of EPs and compilation contributes, finally the first album release by Messias emerges. To provide a proper platform for this, it has been decided to also start a new release series consisting of CDs pressed on black (!) polycarbonate and housed in a fully printed 8-page digipak sleeve. Musically expect a challenging trip into an atmospheric and hypnotic speed-/break-/flashcore amalgam. Nothing for the faint hearted --> E-001

When loss is turned into music

Sangre is the solo incarnation of Abhorrent of Acid Enema and it is never the consequence of a happy moment that makes him to compose music using that alias. Darkest depressive black metal and merciless blasting speedcore, grief in it's purest form -->X-009

The fundamental emptiness in everyones soul

Everybody needs an anchor that holds one in the real world and prevents from drifting into eternal darkness. This is the central predication of the new EP by Messias. Three tracks of speed- and flashcore, representing the mourning of the broken heart, the chaotic process of retrieval and the transition into a new phase. Let's welcome the void -->X-008

New garment ahead

As most of the shirts from the first edition have been sold by now, it's time for some fresh supply. Speed-Noise-Flash-Grind is the slogan - the versatile, the better. Get a glimpse on the new collection -->S-002

When The Beatles die on Ebola

A concept EP of the other kind is brought you by Skat Injector and Yudlugar. Combining famous Beatles track names with fearous deseases and afflictions to present their grindcore influenced speedcore sound. Get infected or die -->X-007

The blood red Moon is rising

After the ferous Celestial Deconstruction release, Human End comes up with a sequel EP full of progressive, high velocity speedcore, again heavily influenced by his predilection for atmospheric and symphonic black metal. Don't miss this one -->X-006

Noise and splintered beats

Moving away from being a pure Dj-ing project, Fragment: created it's first four tracker EP, featuring bleak, noise soaked ambiances, fast kick drums and distorted synths. Submerge into the noise -->X-005

Distorted resonances never has been more fun

After the great breakcore/speedcore EP on Restroom Records, Vojeet is back - this time focusing primary on his fast and relentless side, he brings a full EP of his typical, innovative and heavily distorted speedcore. Now move your furry bottom -->X-004

A time travel to 14 years of speedcore

This free digital + limited cassette release features old and new material by Messias, partially remixed and re-arranged, providing a varied and surprising journey through his creations, from the distorted early material to the more progressive state of his latest EP. Buckle up and go -->N-002

There will be Shirts!

The first autumn collection of Cathartic Noize Experience brings you a small edition of quality garment featuring the 'celestial' artwork from the second vinyl EP, screenprinted on heavy cotton t-shirts with this years trendy color - black! Be a fashion victim -->S-001

About construction and destruction

Two sides, two very divese tracks, each one clocking over 12 minutes. The EP by Messias is not only picking up the subject of change, creation and disintegration in a philosophical context, but also represents a new direction musically. A direction that points towards more versatile and complex sound structures, while still featuring relentless and fast kicks and a deep atmospheric touch. Change is inevitable -->X-003

We are back in black

After a small break, we're back to life with a new homepage. It is intended to work as kind of a central hub for the label, providing all essential information in a plain and simple way.